What is a Cloud Engineer and How Do You Become One?

Are you excited to know the fundamentals of cloud engineering? In this case, you will be at a great loss if you ignore reading it. In this comprehensive guide, we have covered every essential aspect you need to know about Cloud Engineer before getting into this remarkable field. 

Queries from basic knowledge regarding cloud engineering and their necessary skills to the job description, everything has been described for you. So, read this write-up till the end to learn what is a cloud engineer and how you become one.

What is Cloud Engineering?

What is Cloud Engineering?

Cloud engineering is a strong field in which a cloud engineer performs duties regarding the management of infrastructure, design, planning, and support. In fact, if you have been using Drive, Dropbox, or Gmail, then surprisingly you already have a strong connection to cloud computing without even knowing about it.
Cloud engineering makes it convenient for you to grow your business more efficiently and with better accuracy. It plays a great role in the scalability and transformation of different organisations. So, if you want to become a cloud engineer, read the section we are explaining below.

How Do You Become a Cloud Engineer?

Once you understand the basic definition of cloud engineering, we are quite confident that you will be eager to know how you can join it as this field demands the core concepts of both hardware and software. For this purpose, you may have a look at below-mentioned points that will help you become a cloud engineer from scratch:

1. Get a Degree:

To become a cloud engineer, the first step is to get a degree in any IT field, whether it be computer technology, software engineering, or generally computer science. It is your choice to do bachelor’s or master’s depending upon the demands that most of the companies do. As a matter of fact, a masters degree would be preferred over bachelors.

2. Polish your Cloud Developing Skills:

The second step towards becoming a cloud engineer is to polish the knowledge you have regarding this field. As there are multiple cloud providers, your duty is to get a good grip over at least the major cloud service providers such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or Alibaba Cloud. 

3. Get Programming Knowledge:

Ruby, Python, Java and a few other languages are important to understand if you are stepping into the massive world of cloud computing. 

4. OS knowledge:

4. OS knowledge:

Knowledge of operating systems is also important to become a good cloud developer. The main operating systems that are used in cloud computing are Linux, Windows, and Cloud me.

Job Description For Cloud Engineer:

The duty of a cloud engineer is to work on the applications and software that are cloud-based. It involves the development and maintenance of these softwares and apps. Moreover, they transfer the data to those applications that are cloud-based. It also includes the designing and development of different
online services. Furthermore, they work as a full-stack developer or a software engineer. 

Why is Education Important in Cloud Engineering?

Education in cloud engineering is important because this field is quite vast and concept based in which it is necessary to understand the basic concepts of information technology and computer science. It is based on problem-solving and programming that requires a good grip over different challenging concepts regarding multiple languages.

Not only that, if you are just stepping into this field, a mentor is a must, without a mentor you will not be able to become a good cloud developer. So, be mindful of basic education whenever you decide to join this incredible field.

Final Words

To wrap up, cloud engineering is a remarkable chance to join Google, Apple, Microsoft, and other famous companies that are providing cloud-based services. And if you are done with a thorough and deep reading of this article, I assume that now you are quite familiar with what is the actual meaning of cloud engineer and what he does. 

A question that has been bothering you about how do you become a cloud engineer has been answered by a detailed description provided above starting from getting a degree to knowledge of operating systems, and from polishing skills to achieving a good command over programming languages. 


1. Do cloud engineers code?

Yes, cloud engineers code as they work with programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, and Ruby.

2. How long does it take to become a cloud engineer?

It takes around 4 years to 6 years to become a cloud engineer because a bachelor’s degree is essential and it takes 4 years. You can spend more time polishing your skills if you want to be the best cloud engineer.

3. What is the difference between a cloud engineer and a cloud architect?

Cloud architect fulfils the responsibilities regarding the thorough design and infrastructure for the solutions of the cloud. On the other hand, cloud engineers play a role in handling the technical side of already designed solutions. It also includes the maintenance and implementation of those designed solutions.

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